About us

Rubitherm® Technologies GmbH is an expert in PCM technology and develops together with you specific product solutions - and this since 1993. Our core competences are thermal batteries / thermal energy storage systems TES and materials for a wide array of applications, such as sustainable heating and air conditioning systems, transport of temperature-sensitive goods / pharmaceutical logistics / cold chain, the automotive industry for HVAC and batteries, functional textiles and the use in medical/therapeutic therapy.


We deliver inorganic and organic PCMs in large and small quantities. We refine PCM with micro- and macroencapsulation. We characterize and guarantee PCMs with respect to their melting and freezing point, their cycling stability and of course, their heat storage capacity.


Our products distinguish themselves by the verified high Rubitherm® quality, which ensures that its applications are stable, reliable and applicable over a long period of time.


Our latent heat storage media or phase change materials use their phase change from solid to liquid for heat or cold storage at constant temperatures - similar to an accumulator, however, for thermal energy.


Apart from the application of our established thermal storage materials and semi-finished products we focus on further development of new and innovative products. Due to its long-standing experience Rubitherm® has a broad know-how, partially patented. This know-how comprises the alignment of working temperatures with customer needs, the tuning of viscosity, the offer of non-flammable PCMs which are stable upon cycling and individual colouring and filling of containers.


Rubitherm® also is the expert in development and production of matrix carrier combinations of PCM on the basis of granulates and powders. These bound materials (that are also called "dry liquids") can simplify usage in various systems. A further possibility to bind a PCM is the so-called macroencapsulation. In this case, aluminum or plastic containers are used. All PCMs that leave our industrial premises have been tested to 100% in their thermal properties and fulfill the specified requirements.

Portfolio of RUBITHERM®

  • Production and distribution of PCM materials
  • Development and adaptation of PCM materials according to the requirements profile of our customers
  • Production and delivery of PCM materials
  • Production and delivery of a variety of semi-finished PCMs and components with integrated PCM materials
  • Projects of research and development, applications consulting, recommendation of cooperating partners

As a membership in the RAL quality association for PCM we challenge ourselves in assuring on a daily basis high quality of our products.

We are certified with ISO 9001 and continuously optimizing our processes and products building and growing on the experience and knowledge of all our employees.


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