Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages

Tempering / Transport

PCMs (phase change materials / latent heat accumulators) play an important role in the food sector, for food transport of bare goods as well as for food that is ready to be eaten.

Similar to the temperature regulation for the logistics of pharmaceuticals, with PCMs the temperature can be guaranteed without using external devices and power supply. Insulated transport boxes are used in this case, which are filled with PCM accumulators. In particular and in order to avoid heating, the can RT2HC be used, which is a PCM with a low freezing point.

A melting point below 0°C can also allow a delivery of fresh ice creme in a isolated box, e.g. with SP-30.

PCMs can also be applied for the cases in which cooling of perishable goods has to be extended. This may occur in cases of technical problems of cooling units and long holding periods before delivery.

PCMs, on the other hand, that have high melting points, e.g. RT70HC or GR82, can be used for keeping warm pre-cooked food. Restaurants or delivery services take usually advantage of these materials, e.g. our heat storage elements.

As for all applications of PCMs, the corresponding product solutions can be used over a long period of time. The procedure of heat and cold storage is up to 100% reversible and is stable over thousands of cycles.