Pharmaceutics / Art Works / Devices

PCMs are able to ensure temperature stability of goods in transit without the need for active cooling.

An important application for PCMs is in pharmaceutical logistics, where the high specifications of this industry are easily met. Other areas of application include the transport of temperature-sensitive machinery, works of art or food. The PCM required is mostly filled in plastic containers and used as a cold accumulator.

State-of-the-art technology includes use of RT5 or RT5HC to stabilize the temperature range +2 to +8°C. Other temperature ranges such as 18-25°C can also be stabilized using PCM, SP21EK or RT21HC are used for this purpose.

The cold packs can also be filled with SP-50 or SP-21 to ensure the temperature control of vaccines far below the freezing point, such as for the Corona or Covid19 vaccine.

As an example, the use of RT5HC, which has a melting point at 5°C, will be explained here. For the desired temperature stabilization, a defined tempering is necessary before the respective application. The PCM is frozen below 5°C (at 0°C or below) until it is completely solid. This solid PCM can absorb heat until it becomes liquid again, during which time the transport box is stabilized at 5°C. On the other hand, a liquid PCM is able to absorb cold to reach the solid state, so products can be protected from freezing in winter.

Based on our variety of PCM materials and available melting temperatures, the optimal PCM can be offered for the respective transport solution.