Pharmaceutics / Art Works / Devices

PCMs (phase change materials / latent heat storage media) are able to ensure temperature stabilization of products and goods.

A major application field of PCMs are the logistics of pharmaceuticals, which fulfill the high requirements of this sector. Other fields of application which have already been tested is the transport of machines; also for the transport of art work and food, which are temperature sensitive, PCMs may be used. The particular PCMs are therefore poured into plastic containers which can then be used as cooling accumulators.

The cooling accumulators can be filled with either the SP-50 or the SP-21 and used for cooling purposes of vaccines for the pharmaceutical logistic chain, e.g. for the Corona / Covid19 vaccines.

Up to now, the RT5 or the RT5HC are used for stabilization within the temperature range of +2 up to +8°C (36 to 46°F), a range which plays an important role for the logistics of pharmaceuticals. Another temperature range how can be stabilized with PCM are +18 to +25°C (64 to 77°F), SP21E or RT21 are still used for this.

The RT5 possesses a defined melting area which can be used in order to avoid both, overheating and subcooling. For the desired temperature stabilization a defined tempering of the accumulators is necessary prior to application. This tempering can be seen as a kind of pre-conditioning, in which the PCM is partially in the liquid and partially in the solid state. The solid and liquid parts of this (partially) molten PCM are capable of absorbing heat and cold and thus postpone overheating and circumvent subcooling, respectively.

Due to the wide range of our PCM materials with their different melting temperatures we can offer an optimum PCM for your specific transport solution. Compared to sensible heat storage media, PCMs - as latent heat storage media - are able to store the desired temperature which corresponds to their phase change temperature, that is, their specific melting point.