Macroencapsulation – Heat Packs

Macroencapsulation – Heat Packs

Therapeutic Applications with PCM

In pharmaceutics, heat therapy can be realized with the use of PCMs (phase change material / latent storage medium). As an example, our PX powder can be sewed into a fiber pouch. This pouch may then be applied on the particular skin party. A major advantage over other heat packs is the constant release of heat at a particular temperature. The PX which contains the PCM (RT) is heated up until a temperature above its melting point is reached. After that, by cooling down, the material reaches its freezing point and solidifies. During this freezing procedure the pouch releases its heat at the desired, constant temperature.

temperature profile heat cushion PCM

We also offer heat packs for the privat domestic use:

Not only heat packs can be used for such application, in the same way cooling pouches can be produced, too.