PhaseTube - Water-guided PCM Storage

PhaseTube - Water-guided PCM Storage

Storage for Heating or Cooling

The PhaseTube combines innovative PCM technology with water-guided systems for buildings. Connection to systems is straightforward; only the supply and return lines need to be connected.

Water or another heat transfer medium flows through the heat exchanger inside the storage unit and absorbs the previously stored energy in the PCM. PCM storage units can be realized for melting points ranging from -21°C to +58°C. Sizes are adjustable to specific customer requirements. The optimized heat exchanger maximizes the use of space within the storage unit, allowing it to contain up to 95% PCM. The storages are space-saving, possess a high capacity per volume, and enable the use of narrow temperature ranges. Energy storage is possible at any time when thermal energy is available at low cost, e.g., from one's own roof or with dynamic electricity prices. This can reduce energy costs, save CO2, and even enable autonomous systems.

technical information, cylindrical

0,5 to 2m³
storage capacity
32 to 130 kWh
charging and discharging time
3 to 8h
size (L/W/H)
600-1200 x 2000mm
700 to 2.700kg
3/4" to 1"

technical infromation, square

2 to 10m³
storage capacity
130 to 650 kWh
charging and discharging time3 to 8h
size (L/W/H)
weight3.000 to 14.000kg
connections1" to 3"

While keeping the inlet temperature constant changes in the flow rate affect both the outlet temperature and the discharge duration.